Saturday, October 13, 2012

God's Face

I will be posting pictures of how I see God's face through art.   

I remember as a little girl my mom would sing that precious and my my sister and I. Then my mom would dance and laugh, as if inviting  my sister and I  to join in...and of coarse we did. hmmm, memories!!


  1. What a gift of precious memories your mom gave you. You are blessed!!!

  2. Ah...Robert Louis Stevenson's poem of My Little Shadow was a childhood favorite of mine as well! Nowadays, as a "big kid" we can look back and see a deeper meaning in the "awe" that your Mom shared with you, Sue. The mystery of a shadow...a God shadow? He's with us always...whether we see Him or not!!! Reminds me of the wall plaque by my front door: "Where you go...That's where I'll be." Thank you God for always being with me...and thank you, Sue...for this "remembering"!